In our project we want to create illusions of mysterious, somehow familiar places. Everyone has travelled to exotic countries in his dreams. But also the past can be understand as an mysterious or unknown place. Our memories fade and we don’t remember every detail, especially when we think of situations from our childhood. Sometimes fantasy and reality get mixed up. In our projection mapping we want to show places, scenes and surfaces that seem familiar and remind us of images from our memories, dreams but also fairy tales or movies. The surface of the facade is the entry to a new and dreamy world where nothing is like it seems. Occasional distortions of the images point to the fictional character of the setting. Worlds lost long time ago appear and disappear. Glitches disturb the harmony and let us know, that everything has a surface. Even reality itself is like a screen on which different events occur and vanish. The „Tempelherrenhaus“ is a symbol for us that represents the idea that everything passes and often things are different than they appear at first sight.